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We disrupt how flood simulation is done 

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Perform advanced flood
simulations – In hours, not months

Today, flood simulations are slow, expensive and often inaccurate. PluvioFlow is a software solution designed to make simulations easier, faster and more realistic - for anyone with basic GIS knowledge. 

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Based on 30 years of research at
Lund University,

We cannot stop the rain - but we can become experts in making our society resilient to floods. PluvioFlow is based on a unique algorithm developed at Lund University. The researchers behind the company had a clear vision: to reduce the costs and human suffering caused by floods.

"If we can easily simulate different scenarios, our ability to act proactively also increases".

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andreas Persson

  • Prof. Dr. Petter Pilesjö 

  • Senior Lecturer Dr. Abdulghani Hasan

a demo

We are currently pre-launching to a few selected customers. Let us know if you want to learn more. 


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PluvioFlow AB

Address: Scheelevägen 15 (Ideon Agora Alfa 3)
223 63, Lund

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